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2200 Series Single Hung

Hung Window

Frame Depth (inches) 4.0

Description Architectural grade single-hung window with side-load sash that mulls to 4" frame products.


  • Applications
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Government and Municipal
  • Healthcare
  • Historic Replication

AAMA Rating

AW-PG65 / AW-PG100

Test Size (inches)

60 x 99

Air Infiltration (cfm/ft2)


Water Resistance (psf)


Design Pressure Positive (psf)


Uniform Load Structural (psf)



0.38 - 0.44






The air infiltration and water resistance performance values provided above were achieved in a controlled lab environment. Performance of our products in the field will vary depending on product configurations, installation methods, and ambient conditions. AAMA 502 “Voluntary Specification for Field Testing of Newly Installed Fenestration Products” should be adhered to for testing installed products.

Standard Features

  • Block & tackle balances for superior operation
  • Mulls to 4" frame fixed and operable products
  • Sash easily removes from frame for maintenance & cleaning
  • Removable take-out clips to prevent unauthorized sash removal
  • Full-length extruded lift handles

Optional Features

  • Applied-profile muntin grids
  • Dual-glazed split sash to permit high-performance glazing combinations
  • Dual window available in some configurations
  • 3" Extruded Auto Lock or Full Length Extruded Auto Lock (specify)
  • High-performance balances up to 120 lbs. per sash (larger sightlines at jambs)
  • Exterior-beveled (putty) glazing leg on historic models
  • True colonial muntins
  • White bronze hardware

Related Products

Frame Depth (inches) 4.0
Description Architectural grade double-hung window with side-load sash that mulls to 4" frame products.
U-Value0.49 - 0.68
AAMA RatingAW-PG45 / CW-PG65
Test Size (inches)60 x 99
Air Infiltration (cfm/ft2)0.21/0.07
Water Resistance (psf)9.82
Design Pressure Positive (psf)45.11/65.16

Technical Data

Installation Accessories

4" Frame Accessories
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Single Hung; Historic
Single Hung; Concave Glazing
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TESTING: Our products are tested to the standards of and certified by the American Architectural Manufacturer's Association and the National Fenestration Rating Council.