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S7400 Series Terrace Doors


Frame Depth (inches) 3.25

Description Thermal strutted heavy commercial grade terrace door is ideal for apartments, hotels, and condos.


  • Applications
  • Commercial

AAMA Rating

AW-PG60 / ATD-HC65 / ATD-HC60

Test Size (inches)

42 x 90

Air Infiltration (cfm/ft2)


Water Resistance (psf)

12 / 10 / (For ADA sill, contact Graham)

ADA Sill: Limited Water (contact Graham)

Design Pressure Positive (psf)


Uniform Load Structural (psf)



0.53 - 0.62






The air infiltration and water resistance performance values provided above were achieved in a controlled lab environment. Performance of our products in the field will vary depending on product configurations, installation methods, and ambient conditions. AAMA 502 “Voluntary Specification for Field Testing of Newly Installed Fenestration Products” should be adhered to for testing installed products.

Standard Features

  • Thermally improved with dual polyamide insulating strips
  • Sloped exterior glazing leg simulates historical putty-glazed profile
  • Mulls horizontally or vertically to 3 1/4" frame fixed and operable products
  • Flush design of door and frame for aesthetic appeal
  • Coated steel hardware features a self-latching system with multi-tongue and shoot bolts

Optional Features

  • Low-profile sill (out-swing models only)
  • Applied grids with 1" insulating glass unit
  • French door configuration (out-swing only)
  • Cast brass handles available in six styles with seven finish options.
  • Stainless steel hardware system with self-latching and multi-point turning & shoot bolts
  • Decorative or plain face plate
  • Dual finish (two-tone color) option

Technical Data

Installation Accessories

3¼” Frame Accessories
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CAD Files




Terrace Door; Std. Sill; Out-swing
Terrace Door; Low Sill; Out-swing
Terrace Door; ADA Sill
Terrace Door; Standard Sill; In-swing
Terrace Door; Low Sill; In-swing
French Terrace Door: Out-swing
Terrace Door Options
Series S7400 Terrace Door Handle Options
Terrace Door Mullion Options
TESTING: Our products are tested to the standards of and certified by the American Architectural Manufacturer's Association and the National Fenestration Rating Council.