AIA Continuing Educational Courses

The following courses are accredited AIA continuing educational courses. These courses are available with a qualified Graham instructor. Contact your local Graham rep to schedule.


AIA Courses – Downloadable PDF


GRA-105 Glazing Performance & Selection
This course will assist building designers to determine glass and glazing selection based on energy performance and other solar optical criteria.   1 LU/HSW

GRA-107 Window Selection Process
This course will review the various factors involved with choosing window products for commercial building projects & provide tools to make it easier.  1  LU/HSW

GRA-108 Window Selection for Schools
This course will provide information to designers on how to select windows and doors for school projects and some of the unique challenges faced.  1  LU/HSW

GRA-109 Fenestration Requirements for Wind-borne Debris Regions
This course will review and discuss the various performance and code requirements for fenestration products that are installed in wind-borne debris regions of the United States.    1  LU/HSW

GRA-113 Blast Hazard Mitigation
This course will review various blast hazards that face building designers and provide information on how it relates to blast-resistant window selection.  1  LU/HSW

GRA-114 Fenestration for School Security
This course will discuss current and historical threats to schools, simple security measures, applicable standards used in the security industry and security fenestration products.    1  LU/HSW

GRA-115 Window Installation Guidelines for Commercial Windows
This course describes several different installation methods for commercial windows and illustrates the proper steps involved.   1  LU/HSW

GRA-116 Historic Window Replication
This course will give participants a better understanding of the capabilities of modern aluminum windows for reproducing historic wood and steel window profiles.   1  LU/HSW