SR6700 Steel Replica Window

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Steel Windows: The Historical Legacy

Steel windows saw widespread use and popularity through most of the 20th century, from their first use in an American factory in 1907 through the 1970s.

These windows provided a durable, long-lasting product with rigidity against wind pressure and low flammability. Thin sightlines offered maximum daylight, and the large ventilation area was popular with foundries and mills.

Authenticity, Reliability and Strength.

Today, many of these windows are still in use and in need of replacement. But replicating steel windows faithfully while meeting today’s structural and energy standards is no small task. The challenges include:

  • Maintaining historically narrow sightlines
  • Aluminum lacks the strength of steel
  • Thicker insulating glass units are required to meet modern energy efficiency requirements

Graham’s Innovative SR6700 Meets the Challenge.

This authentic look is achieved with large openings, minimal sightlines, applied grids and even a floating vent. So authentic that we have helped numerous projects attain National Park Service historic approval.


                                  Profile options include concave, beveled, and “T” shapes.

The SR6700 window system greatly improves thermal performance as compared to windows being replicated. Images below illustrate this point.

thermal imaging

SR6700 Windows on Bottom, Original Windows on Top. Thermal imaging illustrating heat loss improvement. Red color indicates more heat flowing from inside to outside.

A Few Projects:


a-loft captioned_sm starrett captioned_sm
Artist Lofts, Manitowoc, WI

SR6700 with Floating Vent

Starrett-Lehigh, New York, NY

SR6700 [center] with Original Steel Windows

cable-mills_captioned_sm 21c_captioned_sm
Cable Mills, Williamstown, MA

SR6700 with Floating Vent

21c Museum Hotel, Oklahoma City, OK

(former Ford Model T assembly plant)

Video: Graham’s SR6700 Facility – First Production Run

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