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Blast Resistant - B0300 Horizontal Sliding

Horizontal Sliding Window

Frame Depth (inches) 3.25

Description Blast resistant architectural grade 3-1/4" horizontal sliding window


  • Applications
  • Security and Blast Resistant

Test Size (inches)

66 x 48

Condition/Hazard Response


Design Blast Pressure (psi)

6 psi

Positive Phase Impulse (psi-msec)

42 psi-msec

Test Method

ASTM F 1642

Standard Features

  • Horizontal Sliding windows for blast mitigation
  • Provides GSA level C protection against explosive attacks
  • Meets DoD UFC 4-010-01 criteria
  • Utilizes standard locking hardware
  • Trim & clip or receptor anchoring system
  • 1" insulating glass construction using industry standard laminated technology
  • Mulls to 3 1/4" frame fixed and operable products
  • Sash easily removes from interior for maintenance & cleaning
  • Full-length extruded pull rails
  • Adjustable (two positions) steel sash rollers
  • B0360 model incorporates integral attachment clip

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Blast Resistant Horizontal Sliding Window; XO
Blast Resistant Horizontal Sliding Window; OX

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