Unitized Receptor System

The unitized receptor system consists of extruded aluminum sub-frame base members with aluminum snap-in retainers. The receptor system is factory assembled and sealed, field assembly is not required. The perimeter glazing gaskets are placed at interior and exterior surface between the receptor system and the window unit to provide a weather tight seal. All sub-frame base members are designed with a structural thermal barrier consisting of two reinforced polyamide nylon strips. The unitized receptor system is secured to the opening with appropriate fasteners and sealant as per approved shop drawings.

Features & Benefits

  • Factory assembled at a reduced labor cost
  • Reduced field labor
  • Superior joinery
  • Expeditious installation for quicker dry-in times for additional cost saving
  • Closes off large wall cavities without need of deeper window frames
  • Mullions are mechanically attached for structurally superior system
  • Mullion anchoring does not penetrate sill
  • Can be shipped KD (knocked down)


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