GT6200 SL Single-Lever Operator




A new addition to the GT6200 Series, GAP’s GT6200 SL Single-Lever Operator Window is an outswing casement with unique hardware designed to operate with minimal force and limited motion like those specified by AAMA 513-12 (less than 5 lbs. operational force). The GT6200 SL can also be configured to meet the NYC Falls Prevention criteria.




The single-point, multi-functioning handle allows locking, unlocking, opening and closing, with minimal force, while also functioning as a limited opening device. This window option is the perfect choice for operable windows in all spaces, especially when accessibility is required.

 GT6200 SL Handle2



Like all of GAP’s GT6200 Series windows, the GT6200 SL features a polyamide strut thermal break system for
superior U-Values, Euro-Groove design for hardware versatility, and Dual color (two-tone) capability.

 GT6200 Sill Thermal

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