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Dimeo Construction Management Company had 14 months to get from first shovel in the ground to completion of a six-story, 123,000 square foot dormitory at Providence College. Windows from Graham Architectural Products—and Graham’s Unitized Receptor System—streamlined the construction process, delivering simplicity, efficiency and value, and played a key role in completing the job on time.

“When it came to choosing a window, Graham’s GT6800 fixed and fixed/awning windows, coupled with the company’s Unitized Receptor System, was the clear choice.”

Paul Aballo, Vice President of Construction
Dimeo Construction Company


The Graham window stands out as a practical choice for general contractors. It boasts a 60-year track record of proven reliability, supported by Graham's comprehensive warranty. Plus, its Unitized Receptor System streamlines the installation process, delivering speed, convenience and overall cost-savings. Consider the case of Providence College’s Shanley Hall. It’s a new six-story, suite-style residence hall that Dimeo Construction Company—despite a demanding timeline—completed in time for a fall 2023 opening.

When it came to choosing a window, Graham’s GT6800 fixed and fixed/awning windows, coupled with the company’s Unitized Receptor System, was the clear choice, said Paul Aballo, Dimeo’s vice president of construction.

“Yes, it was more expensive, and everybody knew that,” Aballo recalled, “but I said, ‘Let's take a closer look, because the (installation) sequence is expensive as well.’ When we priced the entire process in terms of doing protection, and sequence, and what it means to the schedule, it was a winner. And then on the quality side, Graham definitely came out ahead, as well.

“It changed the conversation from, ‘We can't afford the window,’ to ‘We can't afford not to have the window.’”

Unitized Receptor System Is a Game-Changer

The Unitized Receptor System from Graham Architectural Products simplifies the window installation process, eliminating field assembly, lowering installation cost and quickening the installation schedule. On a most basic level, the Unitized Receptor is like a picture frame which is installed in the opening. When ready, the window units are placed in its extruded aluminum sub frame. The entire system can be installed from the inside.

According to Graham’s Manager of Project Management Ben Pettit, “With the Unitized Receptor, a lot of the work that's typically done in the field we take care of in the factory. They're getting a fully assembled and sealed finished product that can literally come off the truck and go directly into the opening. It results in a much more simplistic install method, which speeds things up incredibly. Plus, Graham owns the warranty on the entire package.”

Graham Rep Doug MacLellan added, they are designed so the GC can immediately install the receptor in the openings long before the windows arrive. After attaching the exterior receiver clips, the GC can then secure a plywood covering to protect the receptor frame’s finish during exterior construction. That’s important, MacLellan noted, since “masons aren’t a window’s best friend.”

Helping Providence College Beat the Clock

In the case of Providence College, the Unitized Receptors were delivered months before the windows, allowing the project to move forward at the brisk pace Dimeo required. As Aballo pointed out, his team had only 14 months to construct the building.

Asked to quantify the degree to which the Unitized Receptor System simplified the process, Aballo replied, “It's an engineered system, so it certainly helped on the shop drawings and design side. We didn't have to engineer or rethink through a different system. It certainly helped on the install side, as well, because it's a set-up system. At each juncture, the install of the window goes quicker, the protection is improved, and then the trims are all set up to go inside it—everything goes more smoothly.

“So, in each case, I would probably say you got maybe 20 percent more efficient, as a rough estimate.”

Receiving the Unitized Receptors months ahead of the windows was huge, he added. “It’s the concurrency of work. It truly segregates the exterior from the interior. If you were in a traditional scenario, you'd be putting all your brick on, then installing windows. In the meantime, you'd go with a complete temporary frame and protection, which would be that much more expensive. It's much more expensive, and you're not really closed in. You're only relying on sealants at that point and not flashing in directly into your glazing system from the exterior with your AVB (air-vapor barrier)—you're relying completely on sealants. So there's a big difference in longevity.”

Speed, convenience and value. As Graham rep Kevin Sarr added, “When you buy an architectural window from Graham, you know that you can count on them for 50 years. There are not many manufacturers that can say that their windows have been around for 50 years, but Graham can say that.”

Put it all together, and you have a satisfied customer. “We were very happy with the relationship we were able to build with Graham,” Aballo said. “It is a good and solid partnership, and one we can count on.”

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