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HI2000 Series Single Hung

Hung Window

Frame Depth (inches) 3.25

Description Hurricane resistant architectural grade single hung window.


  • Applications
  • Historic Replication
  • Hurricane Resistant

Test Size (inches)

55 x 96 / 98 x 80 (twin)

Water Resistance (psf)


Design Pressure Positive (psf)


Design Pressure Negative (psf)


Large Missle


Small Missle

Meets (excl. twin)


Contact Graham for available glazing and test configurations.

Standard Features

  • Single hung windows for hurricane-impact resistance
  • Provides large/small missile impact protection
  • Offers passive protection from wind-borne debris without shutters
  • Thermally broken frame and sash for superior energy savings
  • Block & tackle balances for superior operation
  • Utilizes durable white bronze sweep-lock hardware
  • Sash easily removes from frame for maintenance & cleaning
  • Mulls to fixed and operable products of the same frame depth
  • Removable take-out clips to prevent unauthorized sash removal
  • Auto-sill locks
  • Full-length extruded lift handles
  • Mulls to fixed and operable products of the same frame depth

Optional Features

  • Integral transom
  • 2” and extended-flange frame
  • Self-balancing Class 5 balances
  • Impost for double window utilizing continuous head and sill
  • White bronze lock at meeting rail
  • Sloped exterior
  • Custom nail fins for commercial new construction
  • Full range of interior and exterior muntin grids available, including historic
  • Blast-resistant (B2000) model available
  • Historic Bevel (2000H) model available

Technical Data

Installation Accessories

3¼” Frame Accessories
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CAD Files




Single Hung; Annealed-Lami IG; Large Missile (Twin)
Single Hung; Annealed-Lami IG; Large Missile

TESTING:ASTM E1886, ASTM E1996, and/or TAS 201, TAS 202, TAS 203