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Hurricane Resistant - HI2000 Series Single Hung

Hung Window

Frame Depth (inches) 3.25

Description Hurricane resistant architectural grade single hung window.


  • Applications
  • Historic Replication
  • Hurricane Resistant

Test Size (inches)

55 x 96 / 98 x 80 (twin)

Water Resistance (psf)


Design Pressure Positive (psf)


Design Pressure Negative (psf)


Large Missle


Small Missle

Meets (excl. twin)


The water resistance performance values provided above were achieved in a controlled lab environment. Performance of our products in the field will vary depending on product configurations, installation methods, and ambient conditions. AAMA 502 “Voluntary Specification for Field Testing of Newly Installed Fenestration Products” should be adhered to for testing installed products.

Standard Features

  • Single hung windows for hurricane-impact resistance
  • Provides large/small missile impact protection
  • Offers passive protection from wind-borne debris without shutters
  • Thermally broken frame and sash for superior energy savings
  • Block & tackle balances for superior operation
  • Utilizes durable white bronze sweep-lock hardware
  • Sash easily removes from frame for maintenance & cleaning
  • Mulls to fixed and operable products of the same frame depth
  • Removable take-out clips to prevent unauthorized sash removal
  • Auto-sill locks
  • Full-length extruded lift handles
  • Mulls to fixed and operable products of the same frame depth

Optional Features

  • Integral transom
  • 2” and extended-flange frame
  • Self-balancing Class 5 balances
  • Impost for double window utilizing continuous head and sill
  • White bronze lock at meeting rail
  • Sloped exterior
  • Custom nail fins for commercial new construction
  • Full range of interior and exterior muntin grids available, including historic
  • Blast-resistant (B2000) model available
  • Historic Bevel (2000H) model available

Technical Data

Installation Accessories

3¼" Unitized Frame Accessories
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3¼” Frame Accessories
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CAD Files




Single Hung; Annealed-Lami IG; Large Missile (Twin)
Single Hung; Annealed-Lami IG; Large Missile

TESTING:ASTM E1886, ASTM E1996, and/or TAS 201, TAS 202, TAS 203