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HIS6300 Series Fixed

Fixed Window

Frame Depth (inches) 3.5

Description Fixed window for hurricane-impact resistance.


  • Applications
  • Hurricane Resistant

Test Size (inches)

48 x 80

Water Resistance (psf)


Design Pressure Positive (psf)


Design Pressure Negative (psf)


Large Missle


Small Missle



Contact Graham for available glazing and test configurations.

Standard Features

  • Fixed window for hurricane-impact resistance
  • Operable vent is tested to withstand three 2000 ft-lb impacts and still operate
  • Specially designed hardware and glazing system for hospital and psychiatric applications (maintenance personnel access only)
  • Dual strut thermal breaks for improved thermal performance
  • 0.125” wall thickness in frame and vent members
  • In-swing casement or projected vents
  • Dual glazed design offers:
    - Interior impact-resistant polycarbonate lite
    - High performance glazing combinations including triple glazed
    - Integral mini-blinds
  • Concealed hinges with built-in snubber

Optional Features

  • Glazing type, layers and thickness may vary dependent on level of protection needed
  • Number of locking points may vary dependent on level of protection needed
  • Dual finish (two-tone color) option

Technical Data

Installation Accessories

3½” Frame Accessories
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CAD Files




Fixed; 1/2" Access Panel; 1" Annealed IG

TESTING:ASTM E1886, ASTM E1996, and/or TAS 201, TAS 202, TAS 203