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Hurricane Resistant - HIS6300 Series Fixed

Fixed Window

Frame Depth (inches) 3.5

Description Fixed window for hurricane-impact resistance.


  • Applications
  • Hurricane Resistant

Test Size (inches)

48 x 80

Water Resistance (psf)


Design Pressure Positive (psf)


Design Pressure Negative (psf)


Large Missle


Small Missle



The water resistance performance values provided above were achieved in a controlled lab environment. Performance of our products in the field will vary depending on product configurations, installation methods, and ambient conditions. AAMA 502 “Voluntary Specification for Field Testing of Newly Installed Fenestration Products” should be adhered to for testing installed products.

Standard Features

  • Fixed window for hurricane-impact resistance
  • Operable vent is tested to withstand three 2000 ft-lb impacts and still operate
  • Specially designed hardware and glazing system for hospital and psychiatric applications (maintenance personnel access only)
  • Dual strut thermal breaks for improved thermal performance
  • 0.125” wall thickness in frame and vent members
  • Dual glazed design offers:
    - Interior impact-resistant polycarbonate lite
    - High performance glazing combinations including triple glazed
    - Integral mini-blinds
  • Concealed hinges with built-in snubber

Optional Features

  • Glazing type, layers and thickness may vary dependent on level of protection needed
  • Number of locking points may vary dependent on level of protection needed
  • Dual finish (two-tone color) option

Related Products

Frame Depth (inches) 4 Inch
Description 4" frame depth thermal strutted human impact fixed window with specially designed hardware and glazing system for hospital and psychiatric applications.
U-Value0.31 - 0.37
AAMA RatingAW-PG110
Test Size (inches)60 x 99
Air Infiltration (cfm/ft2)<0.01
Water Resistance (psf)12
Design Pressure Positive (psf)110

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Fixed; 1/2" Access Panel; 1" Annealed IG

TESTING:ASTM E1886, ASTM E1996, and/or TAS 201, TAS 202, TAS 203