New Fixed Window Simulates Appearance of Traditional Hung Window

June 3, 2016

Graham Architectural Products recently unveiled the new S1400H offset fixed window, a fixed window with a historic beveled sash design and offset lites to simulate the appearance of a historic hung window.

While the offset lites provide the appearance of hung window sashes, the window’s historic beveled design further replicates the classic appearance of a traditional hung window. The S1400 is designed to be used as a stand-alone or in tandem with Graham’s 2200 Series 4-inch hung windows for a seamless integration of fixed and hung windows.

The S1400H is a natural choice when replicating the original hung windows in a historic building, but also when needing the thermal efficiency of a fixed window. As a fixed window, the S1400H has no operating sash and therefore allows no heat loss-causing air infiltration. Additionally, the polyamide thermal struts deliver increased aluminum separation and airspace for superior thermal efficiency.

Architects and designers will also like the thermal strut system’s ability to accommodate separate exterior and interior finishes.

For more information, visit the S1400H fixed offset product page, or contact Bruce Croak, marketing and project submittals manager, at 717-849-8100.