New Series S3000 Thermally Strutted Tilt Double Hung

September 30, 2014

Graham Architectural Products (GAP) has recently added to its product line an architectural grade, tilt-in sash, double hung window incorporating a dual polyamide thermal strut for enhanced thermal performance. Additionally,  products that use a polyamide style thermal break can join together two separately finished interior and exterior aluminum extrusions. This allows separate finish selections for the interior and exterior: Not only different colors for the interior and exterior, but also different performance grades of finishes, which could provide a cost savings for the project.

Features of the S3000 are:

  • Block & tackle balances for superior operation
  • Extruded automatic head and sill latches
  • Mulls to 3 1/4″ frame fixed and operable products
  • Tilt sash for ease of cleaning
  • Steel pivot bar in Delrin® shoe
  • Maintenance-operated tilt-release mechanism
  • Full-length extruded lift handles



  • Applied-profile muntin grids
  • High-performance class V balances
  • White bronze sweep lock at meeting rail
  • Multiple units can utilize common jamb and continuous head & sill
  • Dual finishes available (Where color and/or finishes are different from outside to inside of window)

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