NY City Code Crackdown Underscores Importance of Informed Expertise

October 14, 2014

A New York City crackdown on energy code violations sheds new light on the importance of making sure experienced, informed partners are playing an integral role in new construction and retrofit project planning, design and implementation.

According to an article in Crain’s New York, a Department of Buildings audit of architectural plans for new and renovated office and residential buildings revealed that 9 of 10 “have failed to meet the energy code, a set of standards that have been on the books for more than 30 years but are only now being enforced in earnest.”

A city spokesman defended the city’s stance, saying, “Buildings are the largest source of energy consumption in our city, and how we conserve energy is key to making progress on reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.”

Making expert counsel even more essential is the fact that additions to the building code are being considered. That, and the fact that codes are evolving nationwide.

According to the Crain’s article, the risk in failing to seek the expertise of a company well-versed on energy codes is severe. At Graham Architectural Products we regularly provide this important expertise for customers and projects in the New York City area and nationwide.

Bill Wilder, Graham Architectural Products’ director of technical sales, says, “It’s not just in New York City: Codes are becoming more challenging to meet everywhere. The bar is also being raised by owners and architects alike on the aesthetics, historic accuracy, and general bells and whistles for every project.  That’s why designers must rely on strategic relationships or partners that understand these complex issues and have the capabilities to solve these challenges.”

For more information, contact Bruce Croak, Graham Architectural Products technical marketing manager, 717-849-8100.