Severance Hall, Cleveland, OH

October 14, 2022


Prepped for the Future

Cleveland’s iconic Severance Hall reopened in October 2021 as Severance Music Center following a $50 million grant and a nearly two year rehabilitation and improvement project. The landmark building underwent extensive refurbishment and upgrades inside and out. A primary objective of the undertaking was to make the hall more attractive as an event destination to compete with venues like Playhouse Square.

One of the more striking changes onlookers will notice are the beautiful and historically accurate windows.

An Historic Landmark

Constructed during the early years of the Great Depression, Severance Hall was born of both practical necessity and philanthropic vision, named for its primary benefactor, John L. Severance. Until its construction, the Cleveland Orchestra had performed at the Grays Armory and Masonic Temple buildings, once famously competing for time with a poultry exhibition. The newly minted concert hall provided a welcome dedicated home for the ensemble.

When life hands you lemons…

In March of 2020, the Cleveland Orchestra began cancelling shows and rehearsals due to the burgeoning COVID pandemic. Realizing the downtime provided a unique opportunity, the organization began a two-year renovation putting trades of all stripes to work.

According to, the orchestra’s director of venues and events estimated what might have taken three years to complete took less than two without the need to work around normal operations.

The Windows and the Know-How

To replicate the look of the original historic windows, the Jamieson-Ricca Co. collaborated with Graham Architectural Products to deliver more than 290 of our GT2200H Single Hung product, some operable and some with the sash fixed into place. Graham also provided a custom wraparound panning design at the head and jambs in conjunction with our “Delaware/Boylan” mating sill.

                                                                      Custom Panning


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