Ideal Replacement Windows for Schools

January 6, 2022

Not Too Cool for School

Replacement windows were part of a series of renovations and improvements at Norwood Elementary School in Ohio recently. Graham’s GT6800 series windows stand out.

The GT6800 series is designed for thermal performance, utilizing a thermal break made of long polyamide struts with fins to disallow airflow inside the frame. See our GT6 Window System Performance Guide to compare your options.

The windows feature a beveled historic appearance, one of several profile options for the GT6800, and a narrow-siteline frame option. This particular project called for integral blinds with an interior access panel, 12″ limit stops, and concealed hinges.

                                    Vent sightlines match mulled fixed window

In all, 223 windows were supplied by Graham to fill 145 openings. A combination of fixed and operable windows with an offset appearance to resemble hung windows, and awning vents that match the adjacent fixed windows seamlessly.

Whether it’s retrofit or new construction, from k-12 to college and university, Graham has the window and door solutions your school project requires. Contact us today to learn more!

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