S3000 Double Hung

August 7, 2014
  • Block & tackle balances for superior operation
  • Mulls to 3 1/4” frame fixed and operable products
  • Tilt sash for ease of cleaning
  • Steel pivot bar in Delrin® shoe
  • Maintenance-operated tilt-release mechanism
  • Extruded automatic head and sill latches
  • Full-length extruded lift handles
  • Thermal strut technology for superior U-values

SR6700 Series Steel Replica Fixed

June 5, 2014

1-1/8″ nominal TDL concave muntins & applied grids, replicates historic steel profiles
Slim-line integral and fixed-stack mull for minimal sightlines
Overlap of vent to frame for historic replication
Concave exterior glazing leg
Receptor and panning systems available for installation
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