GAP’s SR6700 Series Steel Replication Window Success Continues

April 27, 2016

Since introducing the SR6700 Series steel replication window in 2015 there have been several notable projects utilizing this window. In fact, many of them have been discussed on this blog. One of the latest historic renovation projects that will be using the SR6700 is The Murray Building in Illinois. To preserve the historic aesthetics of this building the architects chose the SR6700 window.

Located in Peoria, Illinois, the Murray building was built in 1928 as a warehouse for the Stuber & Kuck Tinware Company. When the Stuber & Kuck company later dissolved, the building retained the Stuber name and became known as the “Stuber Building.” Over the next few decades the building hosted a variety of businesses including the George Murray Tire Company.

In the early 1960s, Murray purchased the building and operated his business out of the building until the early 1980s. The building sat empty for several years until an antique center opened on the second floor in 1986. This eventually led to the building being used as an art center with local Peoria artists using the location for their studios.  Current plans are for the renovated building to be used for multi-family apartments with commercial retail on the lower levels.

To find out more about the SR6700 visit the product page here: SR6700 Product Page.